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 Audi car imports have gained popularity in recent years with the introduction of some key models which have competed well with BMW and Mercedes such as the Audi Q7, Audi e-tron import and Audi Q5.

Import Marques has a supply of Audi imports for sale, from readily available stock to custom factory builds with quick delivery times. Our cars are available for export to globally based trade/dealer or private buyers.

Buyers can choose their Audi import in either Left Hand Drive (LHD) with European specification or Right Hand Drive (RHD) with UK specification. Moreover, we have a wide range of specifications to ensure that our Audi imports offer exactly what the customer desires. Our friendly Export Consultants are more than happy to deal with all vehicle export enquiries, so please feel free to get in contact with us right away.

Why not explore the all-new Audi e-Tron import EV into your country?  This new model is paving the way in luxury SUV travel backed up by a 95kwh battery which powers two electric motors producing an output of 300kW. Adaptive air suspension is standard on the Audi e-Tron import, providing near-silent travel for the occupants.                                                                                        

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Our vehicle export quotations we provide are for car buyers looking to make a serious purchase within the next six months. Our aim is to help you obtain the complete purchase package with peace of mind from competitive pricing, payment security and satisfactory delivery times. Please can you complete the form below and provide as much detail as you can for our team to handle your enquiry effectively


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