Audi Q5


We can supply you with the latest and most advanced models of the Audi Q5 for export and import. We export the latest models of the Audi Q5 including the 2 litre S Line TDI and the 2 litre S Line TFSI. We can supply both LHD and RHD models for export.

The streamlined Audi Q5 perfectly combines the space and practicality of a big car with the athleticism and poise of a Coupé. The Q5 also comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, the grip of Audi’s quattro all drive system and a host of advanced features which you wouldn’t expect.

The interior of the Audi Q5 has a number of finishing touches which will make the experience of driving the Q5 both unique and comfortable. There is an amazing attention detail in everything in the interior from the customised stitching to the luxury leather seats.